Student: Tammy Ting-Beach

Writing Assignment Used for This Interview

Throughout the course you will be collecting material and writing for a 15-page research paper that either visually or narratively maps a particular place of significance to you and that will in some way help you with the future work you envision for yourself. You will be designing a map that helps you to tell the multiple stories of this place. This means that when you design your map, you need to find ways to show these different layers of stories that are connected to particular sites on your map. You can hand draw or paint your map (murals as maps or art as maps), you can include little booklets that are numbered according to the sites you discuss, or you can try to design other innovate ways to communicate to your audience the significance of the place you are describing. You can also make a map video where you include interviews with people or oral recordings of the mo‘olelo.

For your three-page project proposal, I would like to see an initial bibliography of at least five entries and a description of how you will map your place. You can provide a mock-up of a map if possible, or a description of what you would like to do.

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