Click it to check it: An instructional design module to assist university faculty in using Socrative as a smart student response system for student assessment.

Hadiri, Youssef
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Technology, Colleges, and Community Worldwide Online Conference 2015.
Instructors in higher education are more challenged than ever before to keep up with the rapid growth of technology that is transforming the educational environment. The new era of technological advancement has brought new possibilities to enhance teaching and learning in ways that never existed a decade ago. Faculty face various time-consuming demands such as developing lesson plans, maintaining research agendas, creating student assessment materials, and learning new technologies to expand their teaching horizons. Receiving immediate feedback about instruction and providing instant feedback to students can be challenging tasks. Thus, the purpose of this instructional design project was to evaluate the effectiveness of a learning module in instructing university faculty on how to use Socrative as a smart student response system for student assessment. The module was developed using Weebly website creator, and was based on the ADDIE system approach, Vygotsky’s social-constructivist theoretical framework, and self-directed learning theory. Professors and teaching assistants completed an online module that included a pre-survey, post-test, and post-survey. The study findings revealed a slight change in participants’ attitudes and comfort regarding the use of new technologies for student assessment particularly Socrative. The learning module was created to support faculty in implementing new technologies for student assessment to facilitate student learning and instructor feedback. This research project not only aimed to equip university faculty with the necessary skills to use a 21st century technology tool such as Socrative, but also to meet the needs of digital natives.
Hadiri, Y. (2015, March, 19). Instructional Design project:Click it to Check it. Socrative for student assessment in higher education. PowerPoint presented at the Technology, Colleges, and Community Worldwide Online Conference.
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