Take a Walk: A Critical Reflection on Data Gathering in Remote Island Communities

Mosby, V.P.
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Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work, University of Hawaii at Manoa
This paper is an account of a critical refection on the process of data gathering in remote island communities by phone as an insider-outsider. The purpose of the study was to contribute to my PhD research question: What factors influence successful contemporary migration of Torres Strait Islanders who are moving to the Australian mainland? To achieve this I had to contact remote Island communities in the Torres Strait and evolve a process that was relevant, reliable, and appropriate to Torres Strait Islander people and their communities. Semi-structured phone surveys where completed with key informants for each Island community. The process involved walking beside the participants on a virtual tour, house-by-house, and street-by-street. The process uncovered hidden nuances that surround accessing and retrieving information. The findings are useful, relevant and transferable for advancing research methods for collecting information in remote areas.
Torres Strait, out-migration, remove surveying, third party data collection
Mosby, V. P. (2014). Take a Walk: A Critical Reflection on Data Gathering in Remote Island Communities. Journal of Indigenous Social Development, 3(2).
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