Resiliency and Emotional Literacy: Promoting the Development of Life Skills and Coping Skills in Students

Wong, Christine
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
Today's children and adolescents face greater hardships and challenges than ever before, and since the tragedy of the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001, the term "resiliency" has become a popular "buzz word" for child advocates throughout the nation. Another concept, which is gaining foothold in school children's educational lives, is that of emotional literacy. While still relatively new, emotional literacy has caught fire with educators for the improvement of the student as a whole, and to help students better face the life experiences and choices that they may encounter. First, this project illustrates the relationship between resiliency and emotional literacy, which are very much connected but have yet to be adequately documented as supporting one another. Second, this project explores two existing, effective emotional literacy curricula currently used in schools. Third, this project proposes the addition of a cultural aspect to emotional literacy curricula, especially adapted for Hawaii's multicultural environment. By learning more about resiliency and emotional literacy, how they fit together, and why students will benefit from them, parents, educators, and child advocates can better understand how to assist students with their emotional and social development in the classroom. Through paradigm shifts in students' mindsets, students will benefit from this support in their everyday life and future, as well as in the classroom.
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