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Title: Quantitative Relationships between Fleas and Rodents in a Hawaiian Cane Field 
Author: Haas, Glenn E.
Date: 1969-01
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Haas GE. 1969. Quantitative relationships between fleas and rodents in a Hawaiian cane field. Pac Sci 23(1): 70-82.
Abstract: Relative numbers of Xenopsylla vexabilis Jordan on Rattus exultans
(Peale) and Mus musculus L. and in their nests were determined monthly in a field
of maturing sugar cane at Kukuihaele, island of Hawaii, January 1962-March
1963, in a preliminary study using nest boxes and live traps. Mean numbers of
fleas in active rat nests were most closely correlated with mean numbers of fleas
infesting rats when they were cage-trapped in the previous month. Mean numbers
of fleas in active mouse nests were most closely correlated with mean numbers of
mice that had been recorded per mouse nest found occupied in the previous month.
Ratios of mean number of fleas on trapped rats to mean number of fleas in rat
nests the following month averaged .20 when means increased and .30 when they
decreased. When the total flea index was substituted for mean number of fleas in
nests, ratios averaged .32 when fleas became more abundant and .36 when they
decreased in numbers. Further study of fleas in rat nests is needed before predictions
of flea abundance are routinely made from fleas counted on trapped rats.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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