Communication And A New World Order

Atta, George
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
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The world in man and man in the world; the two conditions are essentially one. Man's perceptions of the world are related to his position in the world. It is the experience of being in a certain environment with a certain status that molds a person's view of his world. Man makes his world and his perceptions of what the world is or can be that determines what kind of world he creates. Marx, who emphasized the material base of society and the laws of historical inevitability notes that the proletariat must first attain class consciousness before the revolution that is inevitable can come to its final conclusion. Class consciousness must be perceived. These observations of importance of perception in human affairs have been widely debated in the past and in the whirlwind of change in the last decade and half the debate has again surfaced. This paper will be one more in the multitude attempting to understand the new imperative in society and to find a non-violent way in which the imperatives can be channeled. More specifically, after goals and methods have been established I would like to examine what the potential of art is as a stimulator of value changes in society.
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