The New Zealand Rain Forest: A Comparison with Tropical Rain Forest

Dawson, J.W.
Sneddon, B.V.
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University of Hawai'i Press
The structure of and growth forms and habits exhibited by the New Zealand rain forest are described and compared with those of lowland tropical rain forest. Theories relating to the frequent regeneration failure of the forest dominants are outlined. The floristic affinities of the forest type are discussed and it is suggested that two main elements can be recognized-lowland tropical and montane tropical. It is concluded that the New Zealand rain forest is comparable to lowland tropical rain forest in structure and in range of special growth forms and habits. It chiefly differs in its lower stature, fewer species, and smaller leaves. The floristic similarity between the present forest and forest floras of the Tertiary in New Zealand suggest that the former may be a floristically reduced derivative of the latter.
Dawson JW, Sneddon BV. 1969. The New Zealand rain forest: a comparison with tropical rain forest. Pac Sci 23(2): 131-147.
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