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The Somatic Chromosomes of Sophora fernandeziana (Fabaceae), an Endemic Tree from Robinson Crusoe Island

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Title: The Somatic Chromosomes of Sophora fernandeziana (Fabaceae), an Endemic Tree from Robinson Crusoe Island
Authors: Stiefkens, Laura B.
Bernardello, Gabriel
Anderson, Gregory J.
Issue Date: Jan 2001
Publisher: University of Hawai’i Press
Citation: Stiefkens LB, Bernardello G, Anderson GJ. 2001. The somatic chromosomes of Sophora fernandeziana (Fabaceae), an endemic tree from Robinson Crusoe Island. Pac Sci 55(1): 71-75.
Abstract: The mitotic chromosome number and karyotype of Sophora fernandeziana
(Phil.) Skottsb. (subfamily Papilionoideae) are reported for the first
time. The chromosome number, 2n = 18, is the modal number reported for the
genus. The chromosomes are small (average length 1.55 ± 0.23 μm) and bear
no satellites. The intrachromosomal and interchromosomal asymmetry indices
were A1 = 0.26 and A2 = 0.18, respectively. This symmetrical karyotype is
composed of 7 metacentric +2 submetacentric pairs. This species is related to S.
tetraptera J. Mill. from New Zealand. Both share the same chromosome number;
unfortunately comparative karyotype data are not available for S. tetraptera.
Our data suggest that no changes in chromosome number have occurred during
the speciation of S. fernandeziana, in accordance with previous studies of other
endemic species in the Juan Fernandez flora and for island endemics in general.
However, only a small percentage of actual karyotypes of island endemics have
been studied, so generalizations about chromosomal evolution for such species
are not yet well founded.
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 55, Number 1, 2001

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