Related publications: Guadalcanal Weather Coast Project 1971-1975


The above map of Guadalcanal was published as figure 1.4 (page 13) in Tasi Mauri: a report on population and resources of the Guadalcanal Weather Coast. To view the map in higher resolution, see the original publication.

In addition to the materials that have been digitized for this online collection, the Pacific Collection at UH-Manoa Library holds two related items that are only available in print form: The original printouts of the 1972 GWCP Census and a printout of the population by locality portion of the 1970 National Census.

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1974 Masters Theses of Judith A. Bennett and Eric N. Witt

Two University of Hawaii-Manoa Master's level Theses, one in History and one in Agricultural Economics


A Population Study in South Guadalcanal: Some Results and Implications

Reprinted from the journal "Oceania"


Custom Medicine in Moli District, Guadalcanal

Reprint, originally published in the "Journal of the Cultural Association of the Solomon Islands"


Haimarao (Avu Avu) Airstrip, April 1966

Honiara, Solomon Islands Information and Broadcasting Services, 1966


Junior Primary Education on Guadalcanal's Weather Coast: A Case Study

Honolulu, College of Education, University of Hawaii, 1973.


Method and History of a Multidisciplinary Field Project: Population and Resources of South Guadalcanal, 1971-75

Reprint, originally published in "Yagl-Ambu"


Tasi mauri; a report on population and resources of the Guadalcanal weather coast

Honolulu, East-West Population Institute, East-West Center and University of Hawaii, 1974.


Whether the Weather Coast?

Article by Murray Chapman and Peter Pirie in the Spring 1973 issue of East-West Center Magazine

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