Fostering ELA Common Core through Web 2.0 at the Secondary Level

Mounts, Carly
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Teachers are pressured more than ever to incorporate technology into learning environments due to societal expectations and the implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as the leading guide for standards-based curriculum design. Thus, it is crucial for teachers to receive timely training and helpful resources for the successful integration of technology into one’s teaching practices. This online instructional module was developed to share information about four Web 2.0 tools and their application towards fulfilling technology-driven English language arts CCSS. Therefore, the purpose of this instructional design project was to evaluate the effectiveness of the website’s design and content and to compare attitudes of teachers towards using these online tools before and after they viewed the module. Of the twelve original participants, eight were able to complete the module within the time allotted. Basic descriptive statistics were used to analyze pre and post survey results from varying Likert-scales and patterns were identified in open-ended responses in the post-survey. Findings illustrated that most participants’ familiarity, confidence, and likelihood of using the tools as part of their teaching improved after completing the learning module. The findings also resulted in recommendations for how the module could be improved for future use by teachers.
Web 2.0, secondary, English language arts, Common Core State Standards
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