WRRCTMR No.62 Hawaiian Groundwater Geology and Hydrology, and Early Mathematical Models

Mink, John F.
Lau, L. Stephen
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Water Resources Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa
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This report is comprised of four papers: (1) Composition and Hydrologic Character of Hawaiian Rocks, (2) Hydrologic Behavior of Hawaiian Ghyben-Herzberg Lens, (3) Critique of Early Mathematical Models, and (4) Bottom Storage: A Review of its Origin and Evolution and a Critique of its Validity. The first paper evaluates and summarizes the existing information pertaining to the hydrologic properties, including hydraulic conductivity of Hawaiian basaltic rock. The second paper evaluates and summarizes the existing factual information pertaining to the behavior of Hawaiian basal (Ghyben-Herzberg) lens. The third paper is a critique of three early mathematical groundwater models: Hoyt's mechanical testing, Wentworth's statistical correlation, and TEMPO's numerical model. The fourth paper is an assessment of Wentworth's concept on bottom storage of a thick lens. The intent of this series of papers is to provide an evaluated summary of important data, concepts, and methodologies developed in Hawaii over the many decades with particular reference to the unusual hydrologic and geologic volcanic and oceanic environments. These publications and unpublished material are scattered and generally not evaluated; many of them are not readily available. The four papers are an attempt to fill this information gap.
aquifer model, ground water, mathematical models, confined aquifers, unconfined aquifers, convection-transport phenomena, basalt, Hawaii, extrusive rocks, intrusive rocks, Ghyben-Herzberg lens, tidal efficiency
Mink JF, Lau LS. 1980. Hawaiian groundwater geology and hydrology, and early mathematical models. Honolulu (HI): Water Resources Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa. WRRC technical memorandum report, 62.
viii + 75 pages
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