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    Marshallese Food Preservation Projects
    (Household Nutrition Education Program, Republic of the Marshall Islands, 2003-08) Alfred, Julia M.
    This book is intended for use by school teachers, nutrition and health educators, and students to promote local food preservation methods, the RMI food and nutrition, and food safety guidelines. We welcome anyone to use any part or all the information provided in this book as part of a class project or community nutrition and food safety education activity.
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    Pacific Islands Spaces
    (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 1995) Harrington, Michael T.
    A workbook designed for children in the Pacific region.
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    Samoa: Meaʻai Filifilia mo le Ola Maloloina Faavae i le Lisi o Vaega o Meaʻai
    (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 1997-03) Shovic, Anne C.
    This is the Samoan language version of "Samoa Food Choices for Healthful Living Based on Food Group Lists" (ADAP 94-1). Diet is an important part of the treatment of many diseases including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. The Samoan Food Group Lists have been prepared to help in the understanding of what food is made of so that a modified diet can be more easily followed.
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    Local Food -- Healthy Choices
    (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 1999-12) Davison, Nicky ; Benavente, Janet C. ; Dusaban, Chona H.
    In our culture sharing is an important part of tradition. Food is shared during important events like birthdays, anniversaries or retirement and to say a final farewell to loved ones. Our Sunday to’onai is perhaps the most important meal of the week, a time we gather together as a family after church to enjoy our favorite foods. With all of these events we have to balance the fact we have plenty of food with our growing awareness of the relationship between diet and health. It may seem that we are asked to choose EITHER good food OR good health. This booklet is designed to show how you can enjoy good food AND good health. One section shows how we can make healthier choices for our traditional to’onai. Before the sections on Food Groups is a short section explaining how you can use the information in the booklet. Each recipe shows how the food was prepared, and suggestions for making the recipe healthier. The nutritional analysis uses the same layout as nutrition labels on store bought food.
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    Samoan Medicinal Plants and their Usage, 2nd ed.
    (Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Project, 2001-05) Harrington, Michael T.
    Samoan Medicinal Plants and Their Usage was written based upon the expertise of a small group of well respected traditional healers in American Samoa. It was originally published over twenty years ago, in 1974. The second edition of this text has been updated for multiple purposes. Most noticeable is the inclusion of illustrations for each of the 74 species in the study. Complimenting the new illustrations is the revision of names for many of the species. The Samoan and common names remain the same, yet scientific classification of many plants has changed since the first edition. Although little of the original text has been altered, a new Conclusions section has been added by the author.