A Study of WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexed) Optical Ring Network Routing Algorithms

Kwan, Mays
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
Efficiency, speed, and bandwidth are very important in the design of networks. Network cables and equipment used in existing networks need to be continuously updated to meet increasing demands. WDM (wavelength division multiplexed) technology is capable of increasing the network efficiency by using existing optical fiber cables and replacing end network equipment. In the development and updating of optical networks network designers need to be concerned with how changes to the configuration affect the efficiency of the network. NetSimulator is a program developed to simulate WDM optical ring networks with various network parameters and routing algorithms. This tool takes the input network parameters, simulates the specified network, and gives the results of network performance. NetSimulator has a set of defined routing algorithms that allow the comparison of algorithms using no wavelength conversion vs. full/ limited wavelength conversion techniques and the use of tunable vs. fix-tuned transmitters in a network. This study will compare the results from Net Simulator to show what parameters and routing algorithms will yield the most efficient WDM optical ring network.
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