The Effect of 2-Thiophenecarboxylic Acid On Pituitary Growth Hormone Secretion

Dunn, James
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
Studies on the effects of 2-thiophenecarboxylic acid (2-TCA) on growth hormone (GH) release and tissue cyclic-AMP concentrations in vitro were carried out. 2-TCA was found to have a variable effect on GH release and cyclic-AMP levels at 7. 2X1o-6M. 2-TCA increased release of GH at 7. 2X10-6M concentrations and to increase pituitary cyclic-AMP concentrations. Decreasing effects were found with increasing amounts of 2-TCA. Furthermore, doses of 2-TCA that failed to stimulate hormone release also failed to increase tissue cyclic-AMP levels. Dibutyryl cyclic 3', 5'-adeno­ sine rnonophosphate and cholera toxin both increased pituitary GH secretion. This stimulation by cholera toxin was inhibited completely by 2-TCA. Doses of cholera toxin that stimulated GH re­ lease also increased tissue cyclic-AMP concentrations. Theophylline at increasing concentrations was found to have an inhibitory effect on GH secretion. These results support the concept that elevations in pituitary cyclic-AMP are associated with increased release of GH.
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