Activation of Promutagens by Rat Liver Enzymes Following Partial Hepatectomy

Domenden, Melinda
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
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Promutagen activation of a series of known mutagens was measured using the Ames test strains TA1535, TA98 and Tal00 in the presence of rat liver microsomes. Microsomes were obtained from uninduced Wistar rats, Aroclor induced rats, sham-operated rats, and from a series of partially hepatectomized (PH) rats at time intervals of up to ten days following operation. Liver microsomes were also obtained from a second group of PH rats before and after surgery. Each of these microsome preparations was examined for its ability to activate a series of promutagens. Probet plots of promutagens showed lines of different slopes indicating the presence of sub-groups of rats within a population. Although rats seem identical, activities of their mixed function oxidase (MFO) enzymes vary. In the more controlled experiment of comparing microsomal preparations obtained from the same rat before and after PH, much less variation occurred between the various liver preparations. Although subpopulations exist, there is a tendency for activation of promutagens by rat liver enzymes to increase after PH until four days after PH and then to decline to the level of sham operated rats.
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