Adventure on Piko Island

Watkins, Laura
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
Children's literature is a form of creative writing that encourages imaginative thinking. It often seems to be of a subtle nature, allowing the reader to fill in the blanks for him or her self. By the time I began to write my thesis, I had a growing interest in creative writing and particularly in children’s literature. This interest had been encouraged by a children’s book I had written in an honors colloquium, by a children's literature class I took for my major, and especially by the Children’s Literature conference I attended during the first summer session as I began my thesis. I was strongly influenced by the themes of my children's literature class. One common theme discussed was the idea of an individual "coming through the woods''. This is the concept of a protagonist going through some trial or adventure, a growing experience that causes him or her to transform from an "unwhole" individual into a complete or whole person. Often this protagonist was once whole and something has disrupted his or her life enough that he or she is lacking and must again complete the circle in order to continue.
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