He Noho 'Ana Keia "That is the Way of Life"

Waihee, Jennifer
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
SCENE 1 (Living room of the KEAWE home in Honolulu. The KEAWE home is a large, upper middle class, modem house. The living room is spacious, with a huge television set, a sofa and a stereo system. It is perfectly decorated and very clean. DAWN sits on one sofa, talking on the phone.) DAWN (Coldly.) Fine. If that’s what you want to do. Hey, I don’t control you, right? Me--mad? Oh, as though you really care? Like that’s going to change anything. You know, every week you do this to ... (DAWN pauses, listening. She squeezes a cushion with both hands.) Oh, no. Don’t even try that. I'm not lecturing you! Yeah, well then, if that’s--what? No! You can’t put me on--damn! (DAWN hangs up the phone and punches the cushion.) Stupid lush, you’re so predictable. (DAVID ENTERS, dressed in a suit. In an obvious rush, he glances at DAWN.) DAVID Where’s your mom? DAWN I think she’s in the kitchen--making tea with the grandmas. DAVID Oh. (DAVID gives DAWN a quick kiss and quickly tries to leave.) Thanks kiddo. See you later. DAWN John’s a jerk. DAVID Dump him. (DAVID EXITS.) DAWN Stupid John. (DAWN holds the cushion against her.)
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