Individualized Instruction

Inake, Dulcie
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
In September of 1968, the Hawaii State Department of Education started the 3-on-2 program in a number of schools. A 3-on-2 program is one which uses three teachers in a combined, duo-level classroom situation. This system in the past and for the present has only involved the primary level of the trial schools (K- 3) and the room combinations have been of consecutive grade levels like K-1, 1-2, 2- 3. The three teachers function as team members in making organizational decisions and in instructing approximately 60 students. The 3-on-2 plan is based on the principle of Individualized Instruction and permits a variety of teaching relationships to form—be it the teacher and one child or the teacher and a vari-sized group. At Aina Haina Elementary School, in a second and third grade 3-on-2 class, the writer student taught for four months then mini-interned there for a concentrated two-week period. In that time and during subsequent visits, more observations and interviews were collected and incorporated into this paper.
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