Ammolabrus dicrus, A New Genus and Species of Labrid Fish from the Hawaiian Islands

Randall, John E.
Carlson, Bruce A.
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University of Hawaii Press
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Ammolabrus dicrus is described as a new genus and species of labrid fish from O'ahu, Hawaiian Islands. It is characterized by: dorsal rays IX,12; anal rays III,12; all fin spines flexible; caudal fin small and forked; upper jaw strongly protrusible; a pair of small, forward-projecting, outcurved canine teeth anteriorly in upper jaw, and a smaller pair of outward-projecting canines at front of lower jaw; a single row of very small conical teeth on about anterior half of side of jaws; no canine tooth at comer of mouth; pharyngeal teeth small, none as molars; body elongate, the depth 4.2-4.45 in standard length (SL); scales thin and rhomboidal, 27 in longitudinal series; lateral line interrupted (last one or two scales of dorsoanterior series without a pore); no median predorsal scales; median prepelvic scales 3; anterior third of prepelvic region naked; 2 small scales dorsally on opercle, and an oblique series of 5 partially embedded scales behind eye; adults pale with a dark blotch on side of body above outer third of pectoral fin. Occurs over open sand substrata, often in small, swift-swimming schools; specimens collected from 7 to 18 m, the largest 94 mm SL; feeds on zooplankton. The new genus appears to be most similar to Novaculichthys.
Randall JE, Carlson BA. 1997. Ammolabrus dicrus, a new genus and species of labrid fish from the Hawaiian Islands. Pac Sci 51(1): 29-35.
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