Nature versus Nurture: The Continuing Debate Over Personality

Rawji, Almas
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
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Humans struggle throughout their lives to find out “who they are”. One outcome of this debate is nature and nurture, which are two opposing causes of how human personalities come about. Nature is the idea that personalities are predetermined by genetics. Nurture believes that the environment they are surrounded by crafts personalities. The argument over the two has been ongoing for many years. This study hypothesized that nurture is more important than nature in regards to students’ perspectives on determining human personalities. The objective of this research study was to distinguish what University of Hawai?i at Ma?noa students feel play the most important role in humans personalities with the options: 1) nature, 2) nurture, or 3) both. The study also takes into account different variables including: gender, age, who students were raised by, and where students were raised. In order to understand the opinions of college students, this research survey examines the results of the survey given to 100 male and female freshmen students in the Family Resources 230 class at the University of Hawai?i at Ma?noa. The results showed that 69% of students felt that nature and nurture were equally important for human personalities. Implications of this research can help people find out how much control they truly have over certain aspects of who they are for instance if they are born who they are or if they have the power to change that by hard work and determination.
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