The Flipped Classroom Instructional Module

Saban, Yasmin
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The creation of electronic instructional materials has suggested that learning is no longer restricted to the confines of a traditional classroom. In the Flipped Classroom Model, instruction occurs at home while class time is used to work on applying the material with assistance from the instructor. While forms of this model have been used for decades, new technologies have made this method of instruction increasingly popular. This paper discusses the implementation of a flipped teaching instructional module created using Google Sites. The module was originally created for St. Andrew’s Priory middle school teachers, but quickly spread to participants across North America. Learners went through a series of chapters preparing them to create flipped teaching lesson plans of their own. Data was collected online through Google Forms. Participants found the content to be easy to follow and enjoyed the use of examples from a variety of subjects. When asked if they would implement the model in their classroom more than half of the participants stated they would. Some participants also commented on how they would share the information they learned with their coworkers and school administration. Suggestions for improvement will be noted and the module will be edited for future use.
The paper and presentation slides analyzing an instructional module created as a master's project graduation requirement.
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