Learning Module Focused on Google Internet Search Skills for Middle School Students

Maeda, Justine
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The World Wide Web is the largest information source for students seeking out information. A strong information literacy foundation is essential to students’ scholastic success as it allows students to find, evaluate, and use information effectively. However, many secondary students have indicated concerning levels of information literacy skill development. These students have demonstrated difficulty even at the basic levels of the online search process. This paper reports on a small instructional design study where a group of participants were shown how to utilize basic Internet searching skills to support middle school students’ ability to conduct online searches. Adults 18 and over participated in the study due to logistical constraints. Evidence from this study indicates that the module was effective in aiding the participants’ understanding of how to search effectively online. Based on qualitative feedback, a majority of the participants view search strategies as a useful tool that they gained confidence in utilizing and would likely use in the future. Moreover, this learning module could benefit from the incorporation of authentic opportunities that provide students with actual guided online searching practice, empowering students to further initiate and explore the use of learned search strategies.
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