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Review of Hawaiian Razorfishes of the Genus Iniistius (Perciformes: Labridae)

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Title: Review of Hawaiian Razorfishes of the Genus Iniistius (Perciformes: Labridae)
Authors: Randall, John E.
Earle, John L.
Issue Date: Oct 2002
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Randall JE, Earle JL. 2002. Review of Hawaiian razorfishes of the genus Iniistius (Perciformes: Labridae). Pac Sci 56(4): 389-402.
Abstract: The Indo-Pacific labrid fishes of the genus Xyrichtys Cuvier, popularly
referred to as razorfishes, are reclassified in Iniistius Gill. The razorfishes of the
Atlantic and eastern Pacific currently placed in Xyrichtys remain in that genus
except for the Indo-Pacific Iniistius pavo Valenciennes, which also ranges to the
eastern Pacific. The Indo-Pacific Novaculichthys woodi Jenkins, sometimes classified
in Novaculops, is shifted to Xyrichtys. Five species of razorfishes of the genus
Iniistius are recognized for the Hawaiian Islands: the wide-ranging Indo-Pacific
I. aneitensis (Giinther), I. baldwini (Jordan & Evermann), I. pavo, the endemic
1. umbrilatus (Jenkins), and I. celebicus (Bleeker), a new record for Hawai'i
(otherwise known in the western Pacific from the Mariana Islands, Marshall
Islands, and American Samoa). Hemipteronotus evides Jordan & Richardson is a
synonym of I. baldwini. Iniistius niger (Steindachner) is a melanistic color phase
of I. pavo.
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 56, Number 4, 2002

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