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The Center's programs (in1979) focus on major world problems, especially those which are potential or actual sources of difference, misunderstanding, and conflict among cultures and nations, East and West. We seek to generate and share knowledge about alternative approaches and solutions to problems; to produce, share, and test policy aids and materials; and to educate people to reconcile differences, clarify misunderstandings, and avoid or resolve conflict. In order to plan research and to disseminate knowledge generated by the Center's programs, we hold workshops, seminars, and conferences throughout the year. The style of each program is cooperative, bringing together from different countries, cultures, disciplines, and professions, older and younger scholars, practitioners, and policy makers to seek solutions to the problems being tackled. Thus, the problem provides a focus around which people from East and West can interact as they study, give and receive training, exchange ideas and views, and conduct cooperative activities. The Center's programs are organized into five institutes, Open Grants, and special projects. The institutes focus on the following problem areas: communication, culture learning, environment and policy, population, and resource systems. The Communication Institute investigates the various patterns of communication that bind individual societies together and analyzes how these different patterns facilitate or retard better relations and understanding among nations. The Culture Learning Institute focuses on the special set of problems that arise when different cultures come into contact, specifically when people of Asia, the Pacific, and the United States interact. The Environment and Policy Institute explores ways to integrate environmental factors into a broad range of policy considerations so that activities designed to meet human needs will not be counterproductive among different sectors of society and over time. The Population Institute contributes to the knowledge and understanding of the facts of rapid demographic change, its causes and effects, and policy alternatives. The Resource Systems Institute concentrates on the interrelationship of food, energy, and raw materials which influence the lives of people and relations among nations.

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