Citrus for Hawai‘i’s Yards and Gardens

Ebesu, Richard
Evans, Dale
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University of Hawai'i
Citrus trees are among the favorite fruit trees grown around Hawai‘i’s homes. The main types grown are lemon, lime, orange, mandarin (tangerine), tangelo, grapefruit, and pummelo. Some culinary and ornamental citrus species are also grown. Only a few studies on variety suitability or crop management under Hawai‘i conditions have been reported. The recommendation of varieties in this publication incorporates the practical experience of CTAHR horticulturists. The advice on cultural practices given here draws on the general knowledge of practices suitable for fruit trees and incorporates recommendations on citrus production from other citrus-growing areas.
Based on Citrus for the Home Garden, Horticulture/Oahu County Leaflet no. 16, 1981, by H. Dale Sato, this publication was developed by Richard Ebesu and Dale Evans, with review and input from C.L. Chia, Michael Melzer, Melvin Nishina, Robert Paull, Raymond Uchida, and Ken Love (CTAHR Depts. of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences and Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences, CTAHR Office of Communication Services, CTAHR Agricultural Diagnostic Service Center, Love Family Farm). This version is released without final review by any of these participants, and responsibility for any errors or omissions rests with D. Evans.
Citrus, Hawaii, home gardening, fruit growing
Ebesu R, Evans D. 2008. Citrus for Hawai‘i’s yards and gardens. Honolulu (HI): University of Hawaii. 8 p. (Fruits and Nuts; FN-14).
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