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The East-West Center Review was published by the East-West Center Grantees' Association three times a year, June 1964-March 1968. .

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    East-West Center review, Vol. 4 no. 3 (March 1968)
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center Grantees' Association, 1968-03) East-West Center Grantees' Association
    Contents: Communist China and birth control: problems and prospects / John F. Copper - Progress in understanding international relations: the DON Project / R. Rummel - "Guided democracy" and Pendjara Madium: a brief account of ten citizens' imprisonment by Soekarno / A. Daniel Burhans - Aspects of social stratification in South Vietnam / Robert McMahon - King Chulalongkorn and the reorganization of Thailand's provincial administration / Rosario Prizzia - Book Review.
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    East-West Center review, Vol. 4 no. 2 (December 1967)
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center Grantees' Association, 1967-12) East-West Center Grantees' Association
    Contents: South Asia and the Viet Nam War / D. R. Sar Desai - The American Judicial system: synthesis of two cultures / Richard J. Richardson and Kenneth N. Vines - On the translation of Japanese supreme court decisions / John M. Maki - Future research on the Asian system / R. Rummel - The Japanese adolescent delinquent in a period of social change / George DeVos - A Survey of the role of literature and arts in Communist China / David H. Ma - Book reviews.
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    East-West Center review, Vol. 3 no. 2 (October 1966)
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center Grantees' Association, 1966-10) East-West Center Grantees' Association
    Contents: Indians in Fiji and Japanese in Hawaii / Thomas E. Korson - Art and morality / Joseph J. Nagano - The Moon as a symbol in two Chinese and two English poems / Heng-Hsiung Jen - Two hands clapping: a study of the use of the religion and philosophy of the East in the writings of J. D. Salinger / Julia Hayden - Poetry. Prologue of an existentialist / Gabriel Abad - The Wives of a few bureaucrats / Abdul Ghani Hazari - Book Reviews. The challenge of industrial relations in the Pacific: Asian countries by Harold S. Roberts and Paul F. Brissenden / reviewed by Richard A. Benton - Okinawan religion: belief, ritual, and social structure by William P. Lebra / reviewed by Eric A. Hill, Jr.
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    East-West Center review, Vol. 1 no. 3 (February 1965)
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Grantees' Association, 1965-02) East-West Center Grantees' Association
    Contents: Communication, innovation, and development. Samoan values and economic development / Vaiao and Fay Ala'ilima - Institution building in the People's Republic of China: the rural health center / Robert M. Worth - The Indonesian interpretation of neutralism / Mohammed Ayoob - The Justification of Hindu "polytheism" in Advaita Vendanta / Eliot S. Deutsch - Prose-poem. The Weeping flute by Liu Dah-jen / translated by Lin Yao-fu - Book review. India: a critical bibliography by J. Michael Mahar / reviewed by Susan Lubin.
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    East-West review, Vol. 1 no. 2 (October 1964)
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center Grantees' Association, 1964-10) East-West Center Grantees' Association
    Communication, innovation, and development. The Uses of communication in national development / Wilbur Schramm - Contemporary Japan. Takaoka and Kurobe / Nathan Glazer - China and Asia. China's border policy toward Nepal / Glen T. Van Ingen - Communist China's policy toward Japan / Oliver M. Lee
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