How is blogging perceived by second graders?

Tanaka, Jenny
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Teaching, Colleges, & Community (TCC) Conference
An action research study was conducted at a public elementary school in Hawaii, where second grade students’ perceptions of blogging for the first-time were gathered. Prior to the implementation period, students were introduced to basic computer skills that are necessary for blogging. Field notes and observations, daily reflection, a small group interview, and a post survey were used to collect data. Results revealed that students were very receptive and positive toward blogs. In fact, although blogging was not required outside of class time, some were blogging at home and even on vacation in another state and country. The students were not afraid to share their work, which portrayed a sense of authorship and ownership of their work, rather than apprehensiveness. However, some students encountered challenges with some basic computer skills, such as keyboarding and computer navigation. Despite some setbacks, this action research project yielded valuable feedback that could help the researcher and other educators to integrate blogging throughout many content areas.
This action research project was conducted as part of a final masters project. It was created using a variety of data collection methods and was presented publicly at an online conference. Through this study, second grade students perceptions were collected based on their first time exposure to blogging for educational purposes.
blogging, elementary, social networking, health education, perceptions, technology
Tanaka, J. K. (2012, April 19). Scholarly communication: An action research study. Powerpoint presented at the 17th Annual Technology, Colleges, and Community Worldwide Online Conference.
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