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Stream Macroalgae of the Hawaiian Islands: a Preliminary Study

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Title: Stream Macroalgae of the Hawaiian Islands: a Preliminary Study
Authors: Vis, Morgan L.
Sheath, Robert G.
Hambrook, Julie A.
Cole, Kathleen M.
Issue Date: Apr 1994
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
Citation: Vis ML, Sheath RG, Hambrook JA, Cole KM. 1994. Stream macroalgae of the Hawaiian Islands: a preliminary study. Pac Sci 48(2): 175-187.
Abstract: Thirty-four stream segments sampled on the four largest Hawaiian
Islands had water temperatures ranging from 20 to 27°C, neutral to alkaline
pH (6.7-8.0), and relatively low ion content (30-360 uS cm-l). Mean species
number per stream segment was 3.4 and ranged from one to seven. Macroalgal
cover varied considerably from < 1 to > 76% (mean, ca. 27%) of the stream bed.
In the 114 populations of stream macroalgae collected, 34 species were found:
16 Chlorophyta, 11 Cyanophyta, five Rhodophyta, and two Chrysophyta, of
which 25 are new records for Hawai'i; the morphological forms were 16 mats,
eight free filaments, seven tufts, one colony, one crust, and one gelatinous
filament. The most widespread species was the cyanophyte Phormidium retzii
(C.Ag.) Gom., occurring in 18 stream segments. In terms of reproductive
status of the populations sampled, 75% were vegetative, 25% were asexual,
and < 1% was sexual. Only one new species was collected, the rhodophyte
Batrachospermum spermatiophorum, belonging to the Section Contorta and
having unique colorless spermatiophores and large whorls, carposporophytes,
and carposporangia.
ISSN: 0030-8870
Appears in Collections:Pacific Science Volume 48, Number 2, 1994

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