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Schofield Barracks Wastewater Treatment Plant Process Control Program: Quarterly Progress Report No. 2

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Title:Schofield Barracks Wastewater Treatment Plant Process Control Program: Quarterly Progress Report No. 2
Authors:Lam, Collins.
Lopez, G Dennis.
Murakami, Cey.
Lin, Qing.
Lin, Ann Bin.
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Date Issued:Oct 1996
Publisher:Water Resources Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Citation:Lam C, Lopez GD, Murakami C, Lin Q, Lin AB, Babcock R. 1996. Schofield Barracks wastewater treatment plant process control program: quarterly progress report no. 2. Honolulu (HI): Water Resources Research Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa. WRRC unedited report, 1996-10.
Series:WRRC Unedited Reports.
Quarterly Progress Report
Abstract:The objectives of this project are to evaluate operations, make recommendations, and train personnel at the Schofield Barracks Wastewater Treatment Plant (SBWWTP) for the purpose of improving the operating efficiency of the plant. There are several tasks associated with this study, including (1) implementing a process monitoring program, (2) determining the treatment capacities, (3) developing process control strategies, (4) providing technical guidance, (5) review/update operations and maintenance manual, and (6) conducting mini-studies.

Like the first progress report, this second quarterly progress report contains a brief summary of the more important findings obtained thus far and descriptions of in-progress efforts. In the first report it was stated that all of the in-plant flow meters were in serious need of calibration and this was an impediment to progress. We are pleased to report that this is no longer the case. At approximately the beginning of September, all of the in-plant flow meters were apparently calibrated. This has allowed us to make increased progress on Task 2.

Since the first quarterly progress report we have continued to collect and analyze a large quantity of samples from the treatment plant in order to characterize all process streams (Task 1). In this report, these data are presented and summary calculations of treatment efficiency have been prepared for primary clarification, activated sludge, secondary clarification, and dissolved air flotation thickening (DAFT). We have also been able to prepare preliminary solids balances for the entire plant under current conditions and under more desirable conditions (smaller sludge wasting rate and higher efficiency DAFT operation).

Based upon the results of process monitoring efforts, planning and/or implementation of several mini-studies have been initiated as in-progress efforts (Task 6) including: a DAFT performance study, an anoxic selector study, a bioaugmentation study, and an activated sludge stress test. We should have results from these studies for the next progress report.

Specific goals for the third quarter of this project include:
1. Training operations personnel to conduct chemical oxygen demand (COD) and Oil and Grease (O&G) tests (Task 4).
2. Complete preliminary estimates of treatment capacity of each process area (Task 2).
3. Develop process control strategies for certain process areas including preliminary and primary treatment processes (Task 3).
4. Make significant progress on already-initiated mini studies.
5. Continue to review the facility to operation and maintenance manual (Task 5).
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