Community Geothermal Technology Program : experimental lumber drying kiln. Final report

Leaman, Denver
Irwin, Bill
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Goals were to demonstrate feasibility of using the geothermal waste effluent from the HGP-A well as a heat source for a kiln operation to dry hardwoods, develop drying schedules, and develop automatic systems to monitor/control the geothermally heated lumber dry kiln systems. The feasibility was demonstrated. Lumber was dried in periods of 2 to 6 weeks in the kiln, compared to 18 months air drying and 6--8 weeks using a dehumidified chamber. Larger, plate-type heat exchangers between the primary fluid and water circulation systems may enable the kiln to reach the planned temperatures (180--185 F). However, the King Koa partnership cannot any longer pursue the concept of geothermal lumber kilns.
Report Number: DOE/SF/15798--T9
secondary uses, Kilauea, direct heat, Puna, community, cascaded use, geothermal uses
Leaman D, Irwin B. 1989. Community Geothermal Technology Program: Experimental lumber drying kiln. Final report. Community Geothermal Technology program.
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