Hawaii Geothermal Project : characteristics of vapor flashing geothermal plants

Ahluwalia, Rajesh K.
Chou, James C.S.
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Hawaii Geothermal Project, University of Hawaii at Manoa
A study of the important parameters of a vapor flashing plant and characteristics of its major components is presented. The investigations by others showed that a steam and water mixture can be transported in a single pipe without the problems of water hammer, cavitation, and vibration, and that the pressure drop of a two-phase fluid can be determined using Lockhart and Martinelli correlation. The optimum flashing temperature has been calculated by numerical method, and the effects of wellhead pressure and number of stages on power output were analyzed. The design and operating features of a bottom outlet cyclone separator are given. The steam rates of a mixed pressure turbine for geothermal application were estimated in terms of the size, loading, throttle pressure and temperature, and condensing pressure. A procedure is described to determine the performance and size of an induced-draft, cross-flow cooling tower. By performing a simple heat balance calculation, effects of non-condensable gas content and condensing pressure on the net power output were determined. Finally, the possible arrangements of the heat rejection equipment and the factors involved in the selection of a plant site are discussed.
Hawaii Geothermal Project, geothermal power production, engineering
Ahluwalia RK, Chou JCS. 1974. Hawaii Geothermal Project: Characteristics of vapor flashing geothermal plants. Honolulu (HI): University of Hawaii. HGP technical report, 6.
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