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Green, R.C.
Cheng, T.
Flannery, K.V.
Ottino, P.
Eyde, D.B.
Seelye, M.D.
Newman, T.S.
Keally, C.T.
Pearson, R.
Beauclair, I.
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University of Hawai'i Press (Honolulu)
Review of New Perspectives in Archeology, by Sally R. Binford and Lewis R. Binford, eds.; The Archaeology of Ancient China, by Kwang-chih Chang; Prehistoric Animals and Their Hunters, by I. W. Cornwall; Contes Malgaches en Dialecte Sakalava: Textes, Traduction, Grammaire et Lexique, by Otto Chr. Dahl; An Ethnographic Bibliography of New Guinea; Archaeology on the Island of Mo'orea, French Polynesia, by Roger C. Green, Kaye Green, Roy Rappaport, Ann Rappaport, and Janet Davidson; Polynesian Culture History: Essays in Honor of Kenneth P. Emory, by Genevieve A. Highland, et al.; Computer Analysis of Chronological Seriation, by Frank Hole and Mary Shaw; Prehistoric Japanese Arts: Jomon Pottery, by J. Edward Kidder and Teruya Esaka; A Selected and Annotated Bibliography of Korean Anthropology, by Eugene I. Knez and Chang-Su Swanson; Die Religionen der Sudsee und Australiens, by Hans Nevermann, Ernest A. Worms, and Helmut Petri; Geschichte und Sozialordnung der Sherpa, by Michael Oppitz; The Vermilion Bird: T'ang Images of the South, by Edward H. Schafer; Fijian Material Culture: A Study of Cultural Context, Function, and Change, by Alan Richard Tippett.
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