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Animal Waste Management, 1998 - present

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  • LeaMaster, Brad; Hollyer, James R.; Sullivan, Jennifer L. (University of Hawaii, 1998-07)
    Compost is made by recycling organic materials such as yard trimmings, wood chips, food scraps, and animal manures in a controlled process. The process employs microorganisms to transform the raw materials so that they are ...
  • Zaleski, Halina M.; Paquin, Daniel G. (University of Hawaii, 2005-04)
    One way to manage swine waste is to spread it on agricultural land, but few swine producers have enough land to which to apply all the waste generated by their operation. Crop producers wishing to use swine waste on their ...
  • Fukumoto, Glen K.; Evensen, Carl I.; Castro, Luisa F. (University of Hawaii, 2008-02)
    This Livestock Producer’s Nutrient Management Planner provides you, the livestock producer, with help in developing an animal waste management plan for your farm. The plan will be unique to each individual farm due to ...
  • Fukumoto, Glen; Wimberly, Jim (University of Hawaii, 2004-04)
    The goal of the small-scale swine waste management system described in his publication is to help island communities by developing beneficial uses of pig manure while protecting water resources from being polluted by the ...

Now showing items 1-4 of 4