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  • Uchida, J Y; Aragaki, M; Iwata, R Y (University of Hawaii, 1989-06)
    An outbreak of leaf spots occurred on Forster sentry palm in nursery production. The causal organism was determined and its etiology described. Reducing free moisture in the growing environment and use of fungicide were ...
  • Uchida, J Y; Kadooka, C Y; Aragaki, M (University of Hawaii, 1992-05)
    Isolation and inoculation studies attempted to identify the cause of dracaena decline. Suspicion was cast on Pythium graminicola, but further studies were indicated as needed to resolve the decline problem.
  • Aragaki, M; Uchida, J Y; Yahata, P S; Kadooka, C Y (University of Hawaii, 1990-07)
    A leaf spot and blight of red and green leea (Leea coccinea, West Indian holly) observed at commercial nurseries was investigated. A persistent Phytophthora species new to Hawaii was isolated. Fungicides tested provided ...
  • Uchida, J Y; Aragaki, M (University of Hawaii, 1991-11)
    Propagation and production of dendrobium as cut flowers and potted plants have increased markedly in the past 15 years. With increased production, floral diseases and their control have become major factors in determining ...
  • Uchida, J Y; Aragaki, M; Yahata, P S (University of Hawaii, 1989-12)
    Leaf loss and plant decline in some heliconia fields were investigated. A Cylindrocladium species was isolated and determined to be pathogenic. Experience in controlling C. spathiphylli on spathyphyllum suggested some ...
  • Uchida, J Y; Aragaki, M (University of Hawaii, 1991-08)
    In Hawaii, Phytophthora palmivora is a major fungal pathogen of orchids, causing large black foliar rots, root losses, and seedling damping-off of Dendrobium, Cattleya, Epidendrum, Vanda, Paphiopedilum, Laeliocattleya, and ...

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