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  • Shehata, Sabry; Cox, Linda J.; Fujii, Jack K.; Dickson, Carol Anne (University of Hawaii, 2004-08)
    This publication provides a brief summary of the production and consumption of tea worldwide. It focuses in particular on the U.S. mainland and Hawaii markets so as to provide a relevant market overview. Results of a survey ...
  • Masuo, Diane; Fong, Grace; Yanagida, John (University of Hawaii, 2003-06)
    An online estimator allows assessment of business and family success; example scores of a husband (business operator) and wife (homemaker) are discussed.
  • Beaumont, J.H.; Fukunaga, E.T. (University of Hawaii, 1958-06)
    Coffee in Kona is grown without shade at around 1,500 ft elevation. Nitrogen fertilizer increases yields but promotes alternate-year bearing. The authors developed a system based on plant spacing and annual pruning to ...
  • Nelson, Scot (University of Hawaii, 2008-09)
    Symptoms, signs, and development of these fungi in turf and natural areas of Hawaii are described; control options including fungicides are mentioned.
  • Hodgson, Aurora Saulo (University of Hawaii, 2001-08)
    Misinformation about the artificial sweetener aspartame is addressed.
  • Arakaki, Alton S.; Hawkins, Jennifer; Radovich, Theodore (University of Hawaii, 2013-05)
    This report explores the relationship between buckwheat and honeybees in order to synchronize with the pollination of cucurbits and improve cucurbit quality. The objective of this study was to determine the population ...
  • Davidson, Dana H. (University of Hawaii, 2003-11)
    A growing body of international research shows us that fathers the world over are important and effective parents.
  • Shehata, Sabry; Cox, Linda J.; O'Connell, Tim (University of Hawaii, 2006-01)
    Almost half of the agricultural producers surveyed indicated that they would be interested in joining an e-commerce cooperative. Start-up costs and operating alternatives are discussed.
  • Manrique, Luis A. (University of Hawaii, 1984-01)
    Hawaii has a long history of unsuccessful potato production that is practically unknown to the agricultural community. Crop failure due to disease and insect attack, lack of available seed, improper crop and soil management, ...
  • Halloran, John M. (University of Hawaii, 1994-05)
    At the time papaya was the only crop in Hawaii with a federal marketing order; the paper presented a general overview of the history and functions of such orders.
  • Tanada, Y.; Holdaway, F.G. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1954-10)
    The present study concerns the feeding habits of the tomato bug, Cyrtopeltis (Engytatus) modestus (Distant), and the unusual feeding lesions produced on tomato plants. Existing information on the feeding habits and the ...
  • Nordfeldt, Sam; Henke, L.A.; Morita, K.; Matsumoto, H.; Takahashi, M.; Younge, O.R.; Willers, E.H.; Cross, R.F. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1952-07)
    Leguminous plants have long been considered important as livestock feeds in Hawaii. They decrease the need for costly oil cakes and protein rich concentrates in milk and meat production. Indigofera endecapliylla Jacq. ...
  • Chia, C.L.; McCall, W.W.; Evans, D.O. (University of Hawaii, 1988-06)
    For good growth and yield of avocado trees, fertilizer applications are usually required to supplement plant nutrients available from the soil. Preplant fertilizer and soil amendment applications may have a long-term effect ...
  • Cooil, Bruce J.; Fukunaga, Edward T.; Awada, Minoru (University of Hawaii, 1958-07)
    Thirteen variations in amounts and frequencies of applications of nitrogen and potassium to coffee plants were evaluated for effects on yield and tissue nutrient content. Results suggested that only two N applications ...
  • McCall, Wade W. (University of Hawaii, 1980-06)
    Roses need an adequate supply of plant nutrients to produce good growth and beautiful flowers. In addition to the foliage and flowers, other benefits result from a suitable fertilizer program. A vigorous healthy rose ...
  • McCall, Wade W. (University of Hawaii, 1980-06)
    Plants require certain nutrients to grow properly, and if any of these nutrients are lacking in the soil, they must be added through the use of fertilizers. The fertilizer may be natural, synthetic, organic, inorganic or ...
  • McCall, Wade W.; Chia, C.L. (University of Hawaii, 1986-11)
    This brief article provides general fertilizer recommendations for banana, papaya, and some woody tree fruits.
  • McCall, Wade W.; Chia, C.L. (University of Hawaii, 1997-02)
    Fertilizers are used to supplement the soil’s supply of nutrients for plants. For the most efficient use of applied fertilizers, the pH of the soil should be in the proper range for the crop, there should be adequate organic ...
  • Hensley, David; Meade, Ginny (University of Hawaii, 1998-06)
    This is a guide to types of fertilizers and their application to landscape trees and shrubs.
  • McCall, Wade W. (University of Hawaii, 1980-06)
    Fertilizers are applied to supplement the soil's capacity to supply plant nutrients. For more efficient use of applied fertilizers, the pH of the soil should be satisfactory for the crop, there should be adequate organic ...
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