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  • Higgins, J.E. (University of Hawaii, 1912-06-21)
    This publication is a comprehensive review of all aspects of pineapple crop production.
  • Fullaway, David T. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1912-07-11)
    This bulletin discusses the following insects attacking corn: wireworms, cutworms, army worms, plant lice, leaf lhoppers, defoliating caterpillars, earworms, and grain feeders.
  • Wilcox, E.V. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1912-09-10)
    The root system of pineapples growing on highly manganiferous soils was observed to be less extensive than on normal soils. A study was made of the pineapple fruit and leaves for the purpose of learning the structural ...
  • Anderson, W.A. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1913)
  • Wilcox, E.V.; Thompson, Alice R. (University of Hawaii, 1913-02-08)
    The kukui, introduced by Polynesian voyagers, was a multi-use plant for the early Hawaiians. After the Western discovery of the islands, kukui oil became an export commodity, with 8-10 thousand gallons exported annually ...
  • Wilcox, E.V.; Holt, V.S. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1913-12-01)
    This bulletin discusses hibiscus breeding and describes forms found in Hawaii. Includes 16 color plates of varieties of hibiscus.
  • Kelley, W.P. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1914-01-17)
  • Higgins, J.E.; Holt, Valentine S. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1914-03-26)
    This early HAES bulletin summarized information on papaya cultivation and uses. The majority of the bulletin concerned botanical aspects of papaya with regard to sexual differentiation and the relevance of this polymorphism ...
  • McGeorge, William (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1914-08-24)
    The object of the work here presented was to give some understanding of the absorptive power of Hawaiian soils for fertilizer salts.
  • Wilcox, E.V.; Hunn, C.J. (University of Hawaii, 1914-10-10)
    In the experiments reported in this bulletin a study was made of the effect of cold storage on star apple (Chrysophyllum cainito), avocado, fig, papaya, water lemon (Passiflora laurifolia), strawberry guava, pineapple, and ...
  • McClelland, C.K. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1915-02-20)
  • Kelley, W.P. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1915-08-03)
  • Thompson, Alice R. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1917-05-07)
    Numerous varieties of legumes, both native and introduced, are found in Hawaii. The experiments herein reported upon were inaugurated in order to determine the comparative value for soil improvement of the different species ...
  • Higgins, J.E. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1917-07-27)
    The first Litchi chinensis plant was brought to Hawaii in about 1873. Experiment station researchers recognized the popularity of this fruit and also the lack of information on its proper cultivation. This publication is ...
  • Krauss, F.G. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1921-12-16)
    The pigeon pea had been grown as a field crop in Hawaii in the first decade of the twentieth century, and in this bulletin Krauss championed the plant as ideal for feed and fodder, but his primary emphasis was on the legume ...
  • Chung, H.L. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Hawaii, 1923)
  • Krauss, F.G. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1923-05-31)
  • Pope, W.T. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1923-07-09)
    Varieties of lime grown in Hawaii were described, along with methods of propagation, planting and crop maintenance practices, insect pests, plant diseases, fruit composition and uses, and recipes. The author judged limes, ...
  • Chung, H.L. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1923-10)
  • Pope, W.T. (Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, 1924-08)
    The data presented in this bulletin represent the results of 20 years' work with the Guatemalan avocado at the Hawaii Experiment Station.
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