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Title: Gamma Radiation Treatment for Disinfestation of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly in California Grown Fruits. I. Stone Fruits 
Author: Kaneshiro, K.Y.; Ohta, A.T.; Kurihara, J.S.; Kanegawa, K.M.; Nagamine, L.R.
Date: 1983
Publisher: Hawaiian Entomological Society
Citation: Kaneshiro KY, Ohta AT, Kurihara JS, Kanegawa KM, Nagamine LR. 1983. Gamma radiation treatment for disinfestation of the Mediterranean fruit fly in California grown fruits. I. stone fruits. Proc Hawaiian Entomol Soc 24:245-259.
Abstract: A study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of gamma irradiation for disinfesting California grown stone fruits which contain eggs and larvae of the Mediterranean fruit fly, C. capitata. Several varieties of plums, peaches, and nectarines, and one variety each of cherries and apricots were investigated. It was found that the different varieties of fruits as well as fruit quality, i.e., ripeness, water content, bruised areas on the fruit, may have a pronounced effect on the effectiveness of the gamma radiation treatment. However, despite varying degrees of survival due to fruit quality, in all of the egg hatchability and larval survival studies, none of the treated individuals survived to emerge as adults at dosages less than 0.60 kGy. Our studies indicate that the gamma radiation technology might indeed be considered a possible alternative to quarantine treatment with chemical fumigants such as ethylene dibromide (EDB).
Pages/Duration: 15 pages
ISSN: 0073-134X

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