The Hawaii Tropical Cut Flower Industry Conference: Growing into the 90's

Leonhardt, Ken W.
Evans, Dale O.
Halloran, John M.
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University of Hawaii
The proceedings includes 33 papers on a broad range of aspects of Hawaii's cut flower industry. Specific sessions focused on orchids, anthuriums, proteas, and other tropicals. Papers covered marketing, export shipping, cultural practices, disease management, postharvest practices, and more. GENERAL SESSION: Changes in Global Floriculture Crops: Production Centers, Channels of Distribution, and Per Capita Consumption of Floriculture Products; Wholesaling Floral Products from Hawaii to the Midwest and East Coast; Hawaii Department of Agriculture Multicommodity Marketing Programs: Future Directions; What It Takes To Be Successful: Promotion, an Essential Factor in Marketing; Importation and Distribution of Floral Products into Japan; Marketing Orchids from Southeast Asia to Europe and America; Postharvest Handling of Hawaii Cut Flowers for Export; Pest-Related Flower Shipment Rejections; Minimizing Shipment Rejections Due to Insect Pests; Recent Progress in the Control of Insect Pests on Tropical Floral Commodities; Why Every Producer Should Be Knowledgeable of Marketing; Statistics that Shape Hawaii's Floriculture Industry. ANTHURIUM SESSION: How They Grow and Market Anthurium in the Netherlands; Plant Nutrition and Vascular Disease; In Vitro Plant Acclimatization; A Basis for a Pathogen-Free Anthurium Production System; Leaf Development and Anthurium Flower Growth; The Relationship of Temperature and Nutrition to the Anthurium Bleach Problem; Spathe Bleaching of Anthurium andraeanum Linden. ORCHID SESSION: New Dendrobium Cutflower CuItivars and Selections; Decomposition of Gravel Growing Media for Dendrobiumas as a Possible Cause of Dendrobium Decline; Dendrobium CuItivars and Production Technology in Thailand; Mainland Wholesaler's and Retailer's Perceptions of Hawaii Dendrobium Orchids; Economically.Important Diseases of Dendrobium; Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid. PROTEA SESSION: Protea Cultivars and Production Technology in the Southern Hemisphere; Marketing Hawaiian Protea to the Midwest and East Coast; New Hybrid Leucospermum (Proteaceae) Introductions; TROPICAL SESSION; Managing Seasonality of Flowering in Heliconia; Long-Day Flowering in Heliconia Angusta cv. 'Holiday': Possibility for Year-Round Flower Production; Phytotoxicity of Mavrik Aquaflow and Safer Insecticidal Soap When Used as a Dip on Cut Flowers and Foliage; The Status of Moko and Bunchy Top Diseases in Hawaii; Nematodes: How They Affect You and Your Crop.
cut flowers, Hawaii, Orchidaceae, anthuriums, Protea, marketing, postharvest losses, floriculture
Leonhardt KW, Evans DO, Halloran JM, editors. 1990. The Hawaii Tropical Cut Flower Industry Conference: Growing into the 90’s. 1990 Mar 29-31, Hilo, Hawaii. Honolulu (HI): University of Hawaii. 194 p. (Research Extension Series; RES-124).
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