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Pacific Science Volume 31, Number 4, 1977


Pacific Science is a quarterly publication devoted to the biological and physical sciences of the Pacific Region.

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  • (University of Hawaii Press, 1977-10)
  • (University of Hawaii Press, 1977)
  • Banta, William C.; Carson, Renate J.M. (University of Hawaii Press, 1977-10)
    Twenty-three species of cheilostomes and one cyclostome from two localities on the Atlantic and Pacific sides of Costa Rica are described and illustrated. Two-thirds (16) of the species are considered poorly understood ...
  • Humes, Arthur G. (University of Hawaii Press, 1977-10)
    Eight poecilostome copepods, two of them new, are reported from shallow-water hydroids at various points around Banda, Ceram, and Halmahera in the Moluccas and near Noumea in New Caledonia. From Aglaophenia cupressina ...
  • Glasby, G.P.; Andrews, J.E. (University of Hawaii Press, 1977-10)
    Manganese stains, crusts, and nodules are widely distributed on the insular slopes of the Hawaiian ridge. The thickness of the manganese crusts depends on depth of water, water circulation, and the age and lithology ...
  • Maciolek, J.A. (University of Hawaii Press, 1977-10)
    Three species ascribed to the goby genus Lentipes include two from Hawaii, L. concolor (Gill 1860) and L. seminudus Gunther (1880), and one from the Gulf of Guinea, L. bustamantaei Boulenger (1916). The Hawaiian species ...
  • Sabath, Michael D. (University of Hawaii Press, 1977-10)
    The urban and nonurban vegetation on the Micronesian atoll of Majuro is described, including changes in forest canopy, understory shrubs, yards, and cultural features since urbanization began in 1944. Currently, the nonurban ...

Now showing items 1-7 of 7