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    From Pasaleng to Pauoa: A Promise of Faith, the Fate of a Promise
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2014-01-15) Ortega, Nadenza ; Agcaoili, Aurelio ; Indo-Pacific Langagues and Literature
    I remember having a dream once when I was younger. In the dream, my friends and I were in trouble with our parents because we lost a small green figurine that I took out of my father’s dresser. The dresser was usually locked and I used to stare at the contents through the glass dreaming about playing with them. In this particular day however the dresser was not locked. I took this opportunity to take this green figurine out and show it to my friends. In between passing it around and playing with it, someone lost it. We began arguing about who lost it and whose fault it was. The adults came to break up the fight. One by one we were asked to explain what happened. Each of my friends reported their version of the story, sometimes exaggerating something, adding, or forgetting to include some aspect of the story in order to eliminate blame unto themselves. What was reported as a result was an inaccurate and altered story.