Wearable Technology and the Internet of Everything

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    FlexiWall - The design and development of a prototype system that integrates Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, architecture and mobile interaction
    ( 2018-01-03) Wiberg, Mikael
    In this paper we present the final step of our Internet of Things (IoT) project called FlexiWall. On an overall level, FlexiWall is a fully working prototype system in the form of an interactive wall element that demonstrates how IoT technologies can be seamlessly integrated in our built environment. In this paper we present the background and the design of the FlexiWall prototype, and we suggest that the FlexiWall prototype demonstrate how Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can be embedded in the everyday architecture of a building as an ambient information display, or as an embedded surface for interaction. Further on, we suggest that FlexiWall works as an illustration of how technologies can be seamlessly embedded in our everyday environments, how it materializes interaction in our built environment, and how the Internet of Things open up new opportunities for systems design the ranges from mobile solutions, to embedded solutions, to interaction across mobile and embedded systems in these new environments. In short and if now directing our attention to the design part of our project as reported in this paper we view the FlexiWall prototype as an interactive, flexible, and wood-based wall element that can bend as to form the light that shines through it as to display different patterns. As such, FlexiWall illustrates a novel ambient display that can be fully embedded in the architecture of a building. We present the background of this design project, including our method that rely on a concept-driven approach to interaction design, and we also present how we draw on theories of light design in architecture in the design of FlexiWall. Further on, we present how our work is related to some existing work in this area, and we present the design and implementation of this interactive wall. Having presented this project we discuss how our work adds to the current body of research within the area of the Internet of Things and mobile interaction with embedded systems before concluding the paper.
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    Dynamic capabilities related implementation skills for Internet of Things solutions in the digital economy
    ( 2018-01-03) Ahmad, Mashood ; Papert, Marcel ; Pflaum, Alexander
    The digital economy is shaped by the increasing implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. These solutions enable the vertical integration of smart objects into existing information systems, thereby realizing the vision that every physical object obtains a digital identity. However, dynamic characterizes the technologically driven IoT market and requires related capabilities from enterprises, aiming to provide IoT solutions. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to explore which DC are sufficient for the implementation of effective IoT solutions by taking a DC perspective. Based upon an empirical survey of IoT solution integrators and an exploratory fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA), our results show that the combination of differentiation strategy, technological and entrepreneurial orientation enables the implementation of effective IoT solutions. The results further provide a theoretical contribution for a DC discussion in the IoT research area and, offer implementation recommendations for enterprises about how to manage IoT solution implementation.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Wearable Technology and the Internet of Everything
    ( 2018-01-03) Kietzmann, Jan ; Pitt, Leyland ; McCarthy, Ian ; Schau, Hope