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    Measuring Coffee Bean Moisture Content
    (University of Hawaii, 2008-03) Gautz, Loren D. ; Smith, Virginia Easton ; Bittenbender, H.C.
    Why, how, and when to measure coffee bean moisture content is discussed.
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    Injection Rates and Components of a Fertigation System
    (University of Hawaii, 2009-06) Fares, A. ; Abbas, F.
    Successful fertigation requires precise calculation of injection rates, knowledge regarding solubility of different fertilizer components, and basic knowhow of fertigation equipment. This publication aims to provide necessary information regarding these components.
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    Constructing a Cenicafe Rake for Stirring Deck-dried Coffee
    (University of Hawaii, 2005-02) Gautz, Loren D.
    The Cenicafé rake can shorten the time needed to dry coffee on a sun deck by a day and increase the uniformity of drying to that of rotary drum dryers. Instructions for constructing one are given.
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    A Simple Evapotranspiration Model for Hawaii: The Hargreaves Model
    (University of Hawaii, 1997-05) Wu, I-Pai
    Information on evapotranspiration (ET), or consumptive water use, is significant for water resources planning and irrigation scheduling. The use of ET for scheduling irrigation is illustrated.
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