Morse, Jonathan

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Jonathan Morse is the department’s specialist in the poetry of Emily Dickinson, but he has also written about how history goes to language to take on meaning, why irony doesn’t work on the Internet, why people fantasize about the return of the zeppelin, and why T.S. Eliot wrote the word “Jew” with a small j.


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    Our Gnome
    (New Directions in Dickinson Studies, 2012-11) Morse, Jonathan
    In the New England of Dickinson’s time, the Bible wasn’t just a lexicon of the shared words that makes a culture; it was also an anthology of genres. One of its genres in particular, the parable, exerted its influence on Dickinson’s friend J. G. Holland, and Dickinson merrily aped the parabolic style in her letters back to him. But when Dickinson directed her attention elsewhere and styled herself “Your Gnome,” she slipped into quite a different genre. How, I wonder below, does she look in that?