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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Evolutionary Relationships of the Hawaiian and North American Telmatogeton (Insecta; Diptera: Chironomidae)Newman, Lester J.
1988The Extinction of Partula on MooreaMurray, James; Murray, Elizabeth; Johnson, Michael S.; Clarke, Bryan
1988Growth, Regeneration, and Damage Repair of Spines of the Slate-Pencil Sea Urchin Heterocentrotus mammillatus (L.) (Echinodermata: Echinoidea )Ebert, Thomas A.
1988Identification of Mullerian Chromosomal Elements in Hawaiian Drosophila by in situ DNA HybridizationJeffery, Duane E.; Farmer, James L.; Pliley, Michael
1988Introduction and Bibliography-
1988Lysocline, Calcium Carbonate Compensation Depth, and Calcareous Sediments in the North Pacific OceanChen, CTA; Feely, R.A.; Gendron, J.F.
1988Mating Asymmetries and Phylogeny in the Drosophila melanogaster Species ComplexRobertson, Hugh M.
1988The Occurrence of Lymphocystis in a New Host Species, Sargocentron punctatissimum Cuvier and Valenciennes, Collected and Maintained in HawaiiAnderson, Beth E.; Brock, James A.; Hayashi, Takuji; Teruya, Stephanie; Nakagawa, Lauren K.
1988On Defining Species in Terms of Sterility: Problems and AlternativesPaterson, Hugh
1988A Revision of the Hawaiian Lizardfishes of the Genus Synodus with Descriptions of Four New SpeciesWaples, Robin S.; Randall, John E.
1988The Role of Heterochromatin in Karyotype Variation Among Hawaiian Picture-Winged DrosophilaClayton, Frances E.
1988Sand Deposits Offshore Oahu, HawaiiCoulbourn, W.T.; Campbell, J.F.; Anderson, P.N.; Daugherty, P.M.; Greenberg, V.A.; Izuka, S.K.; Lauritzen, R.A.; Tsutsui, B.O.; Yan, C.Y.
1988Settlement and Growth of the Pendunculate Barnacle Pollicipes polymerus Sowerby in an Intake Seawater System at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CaliforniaHoffman, Daniel L.
1988Sex Determiners and Speciation in the Genus ChironomusMartin, Jon; Lee, BTO
1988Speciation in the Neotropics and the Founder Principledo Val, Francisca C.
1988Uncinia Pers. (Cyperaceae) in the Hawaiian IslandsHenrickson, James; Herbst, Derral
1988Vesicular- Arbuscular Mycorrhizae of Some Hawaiian Dune PlantsKoske, R.E.