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  • Alvarez-Borrego, Saul; Gaxiola-Castro, Gilberto; Hernimdez-Becerril, David U. (University of Hawaii Press, 1987)
    During June 17-28, 1982, we carried on experiments to generate photosynthesis-irradiance curves for phytoplankton from five locations of the central and northern Gulf of California. Using natural sunlight, on board ...
  • Wiles, Gary J. (University of Hawaii Press, 1987)
    Two species of fruit bats are known from Guam in the southern Mariana Islands. Pteropus mariannus mariannus has declined greatly in abundance since the early 1900s. Its numbers decreased from an estimated 3,000 animals ...
  • Ash, J. (University of Hawaii Press, 1987)
    The vegetation and microclimate of a stunted ridge-top cloudforest on Mt. Koroturanga (l210m), Taveuni, Fiji (Lat. l7 °S, Long. 180°) is described. Canopy heights decreased from about 30m at sea level to 10m at 1140m ...
  • Randall, John E. (University of Hawaii Press, 1987)
    Acanthurus nigricans (Linnaeus) is the senior synonym of A. glaucopareius Cuvier. The wide-ranging, Indo-Pacific surgeonfish with a dark stripe on the shoulder region that many authors have identified as A. nigricans is ...
  • Newman, William A.; McConnaughey, Ronald R. (University of Hawaii Press, 1987)
    The Tropical Pacific Ocean experienced "El Nino" in 1982-83. The event was marked by increased water temperatures in the Eastern Pacific and, near shore in Southern California, the appearance of nekton normally found ...
  • Evans, William C.; Presser, T.S.; White, lloyd D.; Barnes, Ivan (University of Hawaii Press, 1987)
    The powerful 15 May 198I eruption and frequent subsequent activity of Mt.Pagan have led to the formation of an extensive summit fumarole field. An exhaustive search using a portable gas "sniffer" failed to detect ...
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