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Apr-1976Observations on the Morphology and Taxonomy of Phycopeltis hawaiiensis King (Chroolepidaceae)Chapman, R.L.; Good, B.H.
Apr-197630:2 Table of Contents - Pacific Science-
Apr-1976The Distribution of Total and Organic Mercury in Seven Tissues of the Pacific Blue Marlin, Makaira nigricansShultz, Cynthia D.; Crear, David
Apr-1976Keloid in the Gray Reef Shark, Carcharhinus amblyrhynchosSmith, Albert C.; Hartley, Fount K.
Apr-1976Sex Ratio, Size at Reproductive Maturity, and Reproduction of the Hawaiian Kona Crab, Ranina ranina (Linnaeus) (Brachyura, Gymnopleura, Raninidae)Fielding, Ann; Haley, Samuel R.
Apr-1976Present Knowledge of the Systematics and Zoogeography of the Order Gorgonacea in HawaiiGrigg, Richard W.; Bayer, Frederick M.
Apr-1976Reproduction of Acacia koa after FireScowcroft, Paul G.; Wood, Hulton B.
Apr-1976Distribution, Morphometry, and Seasonal Biology of the Planktonic Copepods Neocalanus robustior and Neocalanus gracilis in the Pacific OceanMullin, Michael M.; Evans, Pamela M.
Apr-1976Observations on the Behavior and Shell Types of Cypraea moneta (Mollusca, Gastropoda) at Enewetak, Marshall IslandsRenaud, Maurice L.
Apr-1976Thermal Tolerance in Tropical Versus Subtropical Pacific Reef CoralsColes, Stephen L.; Jokiel, Paul L.; Lewis, Clark R.
Apr-1976A New Species of Plesionika (Crustacea, Decapoda, Pandalidae) from the Pacific Coast of ColombiaSquires, H.J.; Barragan, J.H.
Apr-1976The Correlation of Soil Algae, Airborne Algae, and Fern Spores with Meteorological Conditions on the Island of HawaiiCarson, Johnny L.; Brown, R Malcolm Jr.