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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Administrative implications on the effects of prior language, socio-economic status, oral language proficiency rate, and age on second language acquisitionIkeda, Myra Biju
1992An analysis of perceptions and selected personality and behavioral characteristics of teachers nominated as outstanding in Hawaii's public school systemIsa, Leinaala Ahu
1985The appropriateness of the Connecticut School Effectiveness Interview and Questionnaire instruments in a Southern California Effective Schools ProgramHale, Robert Rose
1988Biomedical communications administration : leadership style as related to unit size, organizational placement, task structure, experience, and educationWalker, Donna Ruth
1982A comparative study of value orientations among Japanese American and Caucasian American administrators in higher educationMatsuo, Dorothy Itsue Nekomoto
1981A comparison of methods of training preservice and inservice primary health care workersLyons, Joyce V (Joyce Vonder Linden)
1990The development of a model for classifying educational institutions in Hawaii on the basis of school climateYoung, Sandra J.
1987The development of an appraisal instrument for the evaluation of department chairpersons in Taiwan private junior colleges of engineering and/or businessYang, Shouu-Chyuan
Aug-1983Education and experience requirements for licensing CPAs : a survey of opinions of Hawaii CPAs, NAA members, and University of Hawaii accounting graduatesKarbens, John Patrick
1994The effects of five structured intervention seminars on anxiety, health, and burnout inventory scores of elementary student teachers during a ten week student teaching practicumMannion, Joseph C.
1994The Effects of motivation and classroom environment on the satisfaction of noncredit continuing education studentsFujita-Starck, Pamela J.
1990The effects of teachers' social distance scores on teacher-student interactions in relation to the gender and ethnic background of studentsMelnyk, M. Felicia
1990Factors influencing Taiwan's public senior high school principals' receptivity to educational innovationHsu, Jin-Li Su
1983Faculty perception of institutional functioning at six selected universities throughout the United StatesChailleĢ, Angela Louise
1993The impact of a principal preparation program upon the interpersonal communication abilities of aspiring principalsChang, Juvenna Maluhia
1987The impact of financial and human resources upon the quality of child care center classrooms in HawaiiMigan, Mary Anne Wickersham
1993In the eye of the beholder : the effects of physical attractiveness and gender cues on the selection of entry level community college administrators and on attributions for predicted success or failureMaly, Jacqueline Romaine
1993Individual characteristics, professional preparation, and school context : their effects on beginning teacher successWolcott, Louise Pualani
1987An investigation of the legal parameters of policies dealing with sexual relationships in academeLittle, Doric
Dec-1992Managing collegiate organizations through the strategic use of language : an exploratory analysis of argumentation in organizational decision makingZane, Jonna Davis