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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989The artist's desire : eight films of Mizoguchi KenjiEhrlich, Linda C.
1985The effect of Kabuki training on the Western performances of Western acting studentsBethune, Robert William
1975The emergence of modern drama in the Philippines (1898-1912) and its social, political, cultural, dramatic and theatrical backgroundHernandez, Tomas Capatan
1990Four contemporary Japanese women's theatre groups : subjectivity-formation in performance and creative processTonooka, Naomi
1956The great deeds of Maui: a play in two actsTopham, Helen Arlington
1994Helping, striking, and singing : the role of Qupai in structuring sichuan opera Gaoqiang performanceJain, Susan Pertel
1976The Kelantan Mak Yong dance theatre : a study of performance structureGhulam Sarwar (Ghulam Sarwar Yousof)
1979The movement system in Javanese wayang kulit in relation to puppet character type : a study of Ngayogyakarta shadow theatreLong, Roger, 1938-2007
1995Nanxi : the ealiest form of xiqu (traditional Chinese theatre)Sun, Mei
1992Performing arts for children in Hawaiʻi : a history of dance, puppetry, and theatre for children from 1900 to 1990Slaughter, Timothy Roy
1982Rapture in KyōgenBerberich, Junko Sakaba
1994Theatre performance during the Ming DynastyShen, Grant Guangren, 1952
1990Theatricalism in the plays of William SaroyanKim, Ki-Ae
1983They sing theatre : the aural performance of Beijing operaWichmann, Elizabeth
1972The world of Moliere's comedy-balletsChumbley, Joyce Arlene
1995Yoshitsune senbon zakura : the visual dimension in a kabuki performanceTaylor, Beverly Angelique