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1956The great deeds of Maui: a play in two actsTopham, Helen Arlington
1972The world of Moliere's comedy-balletsChumbley, Joyce Arlene
1975The emergence of modern drama in the Philippines (1898-1912) and its social, political, cultural, dramatic and theatrical backgroundHernandez, Tomas Capatan
1976The Kelantan Mak Yong dance theatre : a study of performance structureGhulam Sarwar (Ghulam Sarwar Yousof)
1979The movement system in Javanese wayang kulit in relation to puppet character type : a study of Ngayogyakarta shadow theatreLong, Roger, 1938-2007
1982Rapture in KyōgenBerberich, Junko Sakaba
1983They sing theatre : the aural performance of Beijing operaWichmann, Elizabeth
1985The effect of Kabuki training on the Western performances of Western acting studentsBethune, Robert William
1989The artist's desire : eight films of Mizoguchi KenjiEhrlich, Linda C.
1990Four contemporary Japanese women's theatre groups : subjectivity-formation in performance and creative processTonooka, Naomi
1990Theatricalism in the plays of William SaroyanKim, Ki-Ae
1992Performing arts for children in Hawaiʻi : a history of dance, puppetry, and theatre for children from 1900 to 1990Slaughter, Timothy Roy
1994Helping, striking, and singing : the role of Qupai in structuring sichuan opera Gaoqiang performanceJain, Susan Pertel
1994Theatre performance during the Ming DynastyShen, Grant Guangren, 1952
1995Yoshitsune senbon zakura : the visual dimension in a kabuki performanceTaylor, Beverly Angelique
1995Nanxi : the ealiest form of xiqu (traditional Chinese theatre)Sun, Mei