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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1967Determination of sugar supply functions in TaiwanFan, Chwei Lin
1967An econometric appraisal of the aggregate sugar supply response for selected major producing countriesChoudhury, Parimal
1968A quantitative study of economic and psychological determinants of demand for dairy products in HawaiiEl Feel, Ahmed Mohamed T. Reheem
1968Linear programming with iterative modification of the objective function and restraints vectorLarson, Arnold B (Arnold Bendik), 1924-1973; Hogg, H. C (Howard Carl); Hogg, H. C (Howard Carl)
1968Factor-product model for beef - a quadratic programming formulationYeh, Chia-lin Cheng
1969An economic analysis of the competitive position of the Hawaii egg industryLum, David Tin Ei
1969Method for determining the productivity of irrigation water for the production of sugar in Hawaii: an empirical approachRankine, Lloyd B.
1969An interregional analysis of adjustments in vegetable crop production in HawaiiCollier, William Louis
1969The impact of air transportation on ranching decisions in HawaiiJenkins, Gerald Martin
1969Economic analysis of the competitive position of India in world cashew tradeRatnam, Nittala Venkata
1969An examination of impulse buying or in-the-store purchase decisions as a consequence of in store merchandising practicesWong, Henry LiNan
1969A study of the economic performance and potentials of the ranchers in the Waimea Project of the Department of Hawaiian Home LandsAbarientos, Ernesto P.
1969Economic aspects of the skipjack tuna industry in HawaiiShang, Yung-Cheng, 1930
1969Evaluation of the market structure approach as an orientation to research in agriculture and its application to the Honolulu wholesale produce marketLucas, Ernesto C.
1969An econometric study of the competitive position of Hawaii broiler industryAfifi, Hani Ali
1970A spatial equilibrium model of the beef industry in the United StatesSohn, Hong Keun
1971The structure and functioning of rural credit in Korea: an empirical analysisKim, Sung-Hoon
1971Adoption of agricultural innovations in a northeastern Thai villageFleckenstein, Friedrich W. von
1972Spatial equilibrium analyses of the United States sugar industry under alternative policy measuresFlores, Arturo Sarte
1973Economics of urban water demand: a case study of the Honolulu Board of Water SupplyO, Ho-so╠ćng